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As a former camp owner, I tried to eliminate injuries that could occur during the course of the summer. 

I hated to phone a parent a tell them that their child got hurt especially if it was preventable.

The following should be considered  by all camp directors to prevent injuries. 


  Double 1st Base. Now required by many schools and Park and Recreation departments. The fielder steps on the white base and the runner steps on the orange base. This avoids a runner from running into the 1st baseman. 

Hardball Size (#C-M155) 30" x 15" x 3"  $39.00

Softball Size (#C-M144) 28" x 14" x 2"  $36.00

Also have them ( pro Model) that are in ground bases. Check out baseball page

Check out the Baseball Page for bases



   Catcher’s masks for hardball and softball. A must for all players and umpire standing behind home plate. Several models available for hardball from Umpire, Major League and Youth. Softball model shown at left (#C-SM1) $17.75 ea. See baseball page for further info.

Chest protectors for hardball. Available in several sizes, with or with tail and female model with protective cups. Check out pricing on baseball page.

Fox Master Mouth guards : A must for protection ! For Soccer , Hockey, Basketball, LaCrosse etc. One size fits all. Boil  and bite technology provides custom fit.


Packed individually in poly bags. We sell the ones w/o the Football straps. ( min 12)  (#FX  Master) $.1.05 ea. Colors: Black, blue, green, yellow, clear, & orange. With football  strap $.1.12.

  Pitching and 1st base  protectors. If you have an emphasis on baseball training, these are a must. Protect your fielders and pitchers during practice. 72"x72" with 36" drop down. Steel tubing and heavy duty netting. For right or left hand pitcher's. From Champion (#C-NB7236) $135.00 We can get both models from JUGS

We have from Jugs but shipping from West Coast runs a lot more money.


Fence Protectors; Cover dangerous chain link fencing around your ball field                     fences in front of dugouts. Also should be used on pool fencing.   Check the length you need. Comes in 100 and 250 lengths.

We also supply portable outfield fencing that can be removed. Check out baseball page.

Baseballs for younger campers. Level 1, ages 5-7......Level 3, ages 7-20 . ..... Level 5. ages 10+... Level 10 ages 12+ |Softer than hardballs. Great for younger campers as they are safer. Check out prices on ball page.  Spongy softballs 11" ( girls size and 12" boys size.) Much softer than regular softballs. Great for younger campers. CLICK   BALL PAGE





Pole Protectors: We need the size of your pole.  Either square or if round, need circumference. 

You can have camp name or letters imprinted on basketball pole pads. Camp logo can also be put on pads.

These must be ordered at least three weeks before shipment is to be made. Imprinted  $190.00-$215.00

for printing on  front side. If you also  want print on the two side sections of square pad, add $5.00 per pad.

If you pole is round no problem. Just send circumference. If square , I need size. 

Larger pads  to fit around big poles,  call me. ie: Telephone size or football goalpost pads

If you have Goalsetter poles that have cut out for height chart, these can be made also.



Megaphones:  A must for waterfront and at times when the power goes out. 

Several models available from 300 yard range to 1000 yards. Volume control, siren, and strap. Check out pricing on Fun and Games page. 

Soccer Shin guards:  Should be used for soccer and hockey players.

SEE SOCCER PAGE for different sizes.


Break-Away Lanyards:

A must for waterfront personnel  Easily snaps back together.

$18.99   DZ.  



Baseball Leg Protectors:  are available in single knee, double knee. Some have side wings. Available in sizes for ages 7-9, 10-12, 12-16 and adult. Check out prices on baseball page.

Hockey Face Masks:  Adult or Youth. Choice of white or Black. 

Minimum pack of 4 of each size.) Buy 8, price drops. Buy 12 prices drop further.

Goalie masks and goalie helmets on Hockey page.

                                                                     FIRST AID KIT

Plastic case conations:

 1 instant cold pack,  1 large adhesive strip, 10 adhesive strips, (3/4"x3"), 

1 knuckle bandage, 1 fingertip bandage, 2 gauze pads, (3"x3") 1 conforming bandage,  (2"x4.1" yds). 

1 roll adhesive tape (5"x5 yds), 6 antiseptic towlettes, 

1 instant sting relief,  2 triple antibiotic ointments (1/32oz), 2 first aid creams (1/32" oz) 

2 pair latex gloves and one splinter forceps  

(#C-FAKIT)  $10..50 


COLD PACKS (#C-IC16)  Instant  cold  $9.50

Safety Lacrosse Balls:  

Practice lacrosse ball...Softer spongy indoor and training ball. White  (#C-PLW)  $17.90 a dozen.

Plays the same as regular lacrosse ball but safer for younger children.



Other items: Whistles, traffic cones( see Fun and Games page)   Training volleyballs,  Rhino skin for Dodge ball and Gaga  (see ball page),  football  corner pylons for soccer fields (see football page), gymnastic mats and tumbling.