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GOALS: From Goal Sports, probably the world's best manufacturer of goals.  There are 20 different varieties of goals to choose from.  They come in square and round posts and in varying thickness. Sizes from 8' x 24', 7' x 21', 6.5' x 18'.  We also carry small practice goals.  Not only are they the best quality, but you can't beat my prices. There are many choices in the sizes listed above. Different pole thickness, back depth, painted or natural aluminum.

For football/soccer combination goal see bottom of football page.


Available in several sizes and net thickness. Some nets are white, orange or yellow. Before you call about replacement nets( either us or anyone else) there are questions we must know the answers to.

(1) Height and width of goal posts? (A-B) Does the net go straight back to the ground or is there back depth?  (C). From back bar to ground (at middle of curve to bottom bar  E...Net thickness? The thicker the mm of the netting, the more expensive.   Color Choice.? Not all nets are available in  different colors colors. Price range for a pair  $99-$150.00 depending of net thickness.

How to Measure your Goal for replacement net.


Measure from top to bottom of post "A"

Measure the length of "B

Measure D from bottom of A to bottom of E

Measure "C" from top post "A" to bend (top of "E") * Some goals do not have the "C" measurement. These goals have no back depth and the net goes down from top of "A" to bottom of "D" and "E". in this case measure top of "A" to bottom of "D" and "E"


You can order a single or a pair of replacement nets. Except 8'x24' which must be ordered by pair




Jugs Soccer Machine #M1800. Five year guarantee. Dual dial speed adjustments. Throws from 20 to 90 miles per hour. Has height adjustment and spin adjustment. 110 current. 

         CALL FOR PRICING                


Nets range from the highest professional standard 6mm to 2.5mm. The nets come with or without back depth. The type of net you order depends on your needs and of course the size of your goal. It is difficult to quote exact prices as I don’t want to mix apples with oranges. As an example,  camps and schools buy                                                                              

 (#C-205) 4mm 8’ x 24’ x 4' x 10' net at $ 145.00 per pair . Red, blue, orange, white or yellow

 (#C-204)  $115.00 pr. Orange or white only

(C-203) 3.5 mm  90.00 Pr. Red, blue, orange, white or yellow

Thinner nets not recommended which are less money. 

Also have (#C-206OR) $225.00 which is over kill for camps

ALL ABOVE ARE 8'H x 24'Lx 4' Deep x10' back

(#GO-SGN721-3) 7’ x 21’ at $123.00 per pair.  6'x12', 5'x10' available.   Call us with your dimensions. You have to call me and let me know your needs. If you buy a goal, we can match the net to the goal. 

Other size available 6' x12'....5'x10' 

Not all  nets are in choice of colors. Let me know the size and  will let you know what color is available.

Mouth guards : A must for protection ! For Soccer , Hockey , LaCrosse etc.

Choice of many colors

Packed individually in poly bags. Without the Football straps. ( min 12) $ .90 ea

With footballs straps add $.07 each


Shin Guards:

High Impact shell with soft padded back.

Elastic Strap with velcro closure-per pair.

6"$3.00 (#M-SH6) Ages 7-9      7"$3.25 (#M-SH7) Ages 9-12

8"$3.40 (#M-SH8) Ages 12+ 


Sock Style w/elastic stirrup, high density foam padding, machine washable.                   

 Jr. Youth or Adult   $ 4.95 pair. (#M-SS3)

Pro Model (#SS90) Hi impact K-resin shell. Air cushioned pad for ventilation& shock absorption.

Neoprene ankle with EVA padding. Jr. Sr. Youth & adult. all $8.50


Linesman Flags: (#C-LF1) Nylon, 1 yellow, 1 red   $ 6.00 per pair.

(#C-LF2) Checked fluorescent  Red/yellow $6.00 per pair

#C-LF3) Red/yellow diamond pattern $6.00 per pair

Youth Goalkeeper's Gloves: (#M-SG30Y) Waffle foam palm. Nylon mesh knit glove body. Elasticized  velcro  wrist strap. Sizes: XS,S,M,L $ 4.35 per pair.

Adult Pro Model Keeper Top quality glove.(#M-SGG50). Smooth  latex foam palm. PV  leather with velcro closure. Sizes S,M,L,XL.  Youth:(#M-SGG40) S,M,L. Both $10.75 pr.

        Portable Soccer Flags. 

       Spring loaded. Can be used indoor or out. Base fills with sand. 

       $44.00 for a set of four. (#C-USC4)

Corner Flags: Comes in a set of four flags.

Corner Flags: Economy Spring  loaded metal ground supports. Poly poles $33.00. (#C-SCF15)
Deluxe Flags:  1” PVC poles, w/spring loaded metal ground supports. Steel spikes  $54.00.(#SCF30)
(#C-SCF20)  same as SCF30 but no spring loaded base. $48.75
Rebound Training Nets: Various sizes-Call for details.


Check out football pylons as corner markers. Weighted pylons that tip over. See football page. Very popular with many camps. Tremendous safety factor.



Line Striping Machine (#ALL) $ 102.00.

10 wheel machine. 

Smaller hand held wand for lining small areas is available. 34" long with wheel to mark wet areas, ground indentations,  construction digging etc. $24.00


Make your fields look great. There is nothing more impressive than fields that look professional. Do you have football teams, soccer clubs, marching bands after camp? Lines are a must. 




Universal Tip Athletic White Line Marking Paint. 

12- 18oz cans per case. Universal tip

1 to 10 cases  .... $ 37.95, 11-20 cases  $ 37.00 per case.    21- 50 cases  $ 36.00 per case.    

50 cases $35.00


Add $ 3.00 for Orange, Red, Dark Blue, Lite Blue, Green or Yellow. CALL FOR PRICING FOR BULK 5 GALLON PAILS FOR GAS POWERED MACHINE.

Power gas machine liner machines available, Call for pricing

Duffle bags See Lacrosse or basketball page

(#C-BC10) Heavy duty 4" mesh w/ drawstring holds 8 basketballs, 12 volley and soccer balls 

1-6 $3.25ea.  7+ $3.00





   Coaching Sticks:

   Plastic uprights, Rounded Steel Base w/ steel ground pegs

   Choice of  Red, Yellow or Blue

   Set of 6 , 60" H x 1" Diameter.   Model (# C-CS6(   $ 32.50


   Model (#C-APSET )  Outdoor Agility Pole Set 4- 66" poles w/ spring loaded spikes, includes carrying bag.

    Yellow only  $ 32.00


   Coaching Sticks: Plastic uprights, Yellow Base, can be used indoors or out. Set of 6, 60"H x 1" diameter

   Base must be sand filled. Model (# C-CK60)  $ 50.00

I-Goal. Inflatable soccer goal. Great for setting up a field when the campers go on field trips, overnights etc. Heavy duty material

than blows up in less than7 minutes and deflates in same time. Comes with carry bag, two way pump, and ground anchors.

Flexible PVC tube design delivers safety. 6'x12'  5'x8' ( $152.00)  4'x6'  ($137.50) Large sizes available.  

CAMPS USE THE  4'x6' or 5'x8' for WATER POLO GOALS


Tape measures:  Megaphones: Stop watches: Whistles:     SEE FUN AND GAMES PAGE


Click here for Soccer balls