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Clinchers 12 WO-F12 1-3 dozen $88.50 dz. 4-8 dozen $86.00 dz. $84.00 for 9+  dozen.

I must buy Clinchers in early Spring in large quantities to these prices. EVERY YEAR I run out in the early summer and can't get more till next  following Spring.    If you want Clincher's, order NOW, not many left as of May 21st

Softballs  Men's size is 12"  Woman's are 11"

(#C-SB147YS)   Not NFHS  Approved. 11" Yellow Optic synthetic cover, Red Stitch, .47 Poly Core High compression,  NHFS Approved. Raised Seams. $36.00 a dozen.     

#C-SB47YS Men's 12" NFHS Approved  $36.50 a dozen.

(#C-SB47NF) NFHS approved. Same as above but leather cover  $46.50 dz. 

 #C-SB147YS  Woman's size  11" Not NFHS approved $36.00 Synthetic leather cover.

(#SB112L) 12" yellow leather  cover  Not NFHS approved or C-SB111L 11" Both $40.50, a dz.

(#SB 12) 12" Syntex cover or 11" SB11 Not NFHS approved $28.00 a dz.

(#SB11) 11" Syntex leather cover Optic yellow Woman's size $25.00. Med compression. Raise seams

(C-SB111L)  Not NFHS approved 11" optic yellow cover. Red stitch. .47 Core Med Compression. Raised seams $40.00 dz.

(#SB147NF 12" NFHS approved $48.00 dz. Leather cover, optic yellow w/ red stitching, med. compression, raised seams






(#C-ST12)  12"Yellow, flexible sponge rubber core. Safety Softballs Great training ball \ for younger campers.  

$36.50 per dozen.

(#C-ST11) Same as ST 12 but 11"  $36.50 a dozen.









RIF (Reduced Injury Factor) balls: 

Level 1 T ball  Ages-5-7(C-BSC1) $28.75. 

Level 3 Ages 7-10 BSC3 $28.75

Level 5 ages 10+ (C-BSC5) Medium firm $28.75. 

Level 10 ages 12+ (C-BSC10) Slightly Softer than real baseball. $28.75 a dozen.  A lot less expensive than Incrediball.


(#C-OLBPRO)  Full grain cowhide cover. Dbl cushioned cork core, 5 ply gray wool winding. meets 

Maj. League specs. $39.50.

#C-0LB5  Full grain cowhide leather. Rubber/cork core, yarn winding, raised seams $32.00 a dz

(#C-OLBS)  $19.75 dz. Syntex leather cover. Rubber/cork core. Nylon winding, Raised seams. Great practice ball Not for hard use hitting.
(#C-OLB1)  $28.50 dz. Premium Leather Cover, Rubber/Cork core, Polyester Winding, Raised Seam. 

(#C-OLB10)  $35.00. Premium Cowhide Leather Cover, double cushioned cork center, 3 ply wool winding, raised seam.  

( C-OLBXX) Full grain leather cowhide cover. Double cushioned cork core. 3 plyn gray wool winding, raised seams

$25.00   Blemished  cover

The better the winding balls last longer. Cork is better than rubber cork core. The better your baseball program, use the better ball.


Pitching Machine Softballs:  (#C-DS12) 12" or (C-DS11) 11" (Dimpled Yellow)  $ 32.00 a doz.                 

Pitching Machine Hardballs: (#C-DB10) (Dimpled Yellow) or (#C-DB10W) White $26.50 a dz.


Safety Softballs: Optic yellow, PU sponge construction. Synthetic leather cover 12" Optic yellow, w/ stitching,

solid foam rubber core. Level 10. Medium compression, Raised seams  $36.50.  (C-ST12)

(C-ST 11) 11' woman's size  $36.50

C-PMB12  Softball $23.00 a  dz.      C-PMB9  Baseball  $17.00 a dz. These balls are comparable to JUGS pitching machine softballs











Volleyball Training Balls. 18 panel. Each panel is made of soft hand sewn vinyl covered nylon over a tough rubber bladder. 

Younger campers can now hit a volleyball without the sting. The best training volleyball available. Great for newcomb also.


(#C-VL-10) is 20% smaller and 20% lighter. $10.75        7+ $10.00  

(#C-VL-20) is 20% lighter and regulation size. $11.60   7+ $11.00

(#C-VL-30) is 20% lighter and 20% bigger. $11.90.       7+ $11.20 

These light weight balls are great for 7, 8 or 9 year olds.

They don't sting the arms ! The best training ball we've seen.


You can get a set of 6 VL20  Regular size with 6 different colors.

Set only comes in regulation size only(# C-VL20SET) $67.00.


(#C-VL25) Rhino Skin knit fabric covered over a layer of foam for no sting $9.25

Many camps but these for GAGA as price is less than Rhino skin balls





Varsity- (#M-VL8):  Hand sewn, soft touch PU leather. . White, orange, yellow, or multi (yellow, purple, and green) 1-6 $10.25, 7-10 $10.00.


(#M-VL180) NFHS approved Composite leather cover.  1-6 $12.50  7+ $12.00. Choice of white, blue/white, green/white, multi, red/white or  yellow/white.

Rubber (#M-V1) Great for pool or lake . Colors: white, blue, green, red, orange or yellow    

1-6  $ 5.05 ea. 

Composite leather (M-VB500CP) Composite leather floating bladder  OR (M-VB511CP) blue/white & red  BOTH$23.50



(#C-VB2 COMP  Pro series. Top of the line ball. Full grain select white leather, uni bladder, cotton wrapped,  Approv.  by NCAA, IFBF, FIVB, NFHS 1-6  $16.25    7-10  $15.75 Black/White, Red/White, Blue/White or Green/White        


(#C-VB6) Soft touch synthetic leather cover w/foam backing  1-6  $11.00  7-10 $10.25   


(#C-VB6N) Beach. Same as VB6.  Mix of White, blue and yellow.  1-6  $11.00 7-10 $10.25 


(#C-VR4) Rubber cover.  White. Great for lake or pool. $5.85


(#VR4SET) Same as VR4 but set of six in 6 solid colors  $38.50




Used Top Brand:  

These have balls have acid washed, re-painted white with range stripe. No marks, logos, scratches or cuts  $3.80  for 50 dozen plus.  Less than 50 dozen. $4.00.  IF YOU HAVE ORDERED IN THE PAST THEY ARE NO LONGER SELLING JUST RE-PAINTED BALLS IN WHITE. THEY ARE ADDING RANGE STRIPE ON THESE BALLS NOW.


 Mini Golf: Regulation used golf balls in a variety of colors so campers know their own ball $5.75 a dz.  Very limited quantity.


Plastic wiffle golf balls with holes (#PLGB)  $2.75 a dozen.


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MYLEC BALLS AND PUCKS  Not a knock off.

Orange Warm Weather Ball Lot of 100+ (#MY-2150) $1.80 ea.

(#MY 215) Lot of 1-36  $1.85 ea. Less than 36 $1.90


Red Hot Hot Weather Ball (#MY-2170) Lot of 100+  $ 1.80 ea.

(#MY-217) Lot of 1- 36  $1.85 ea. Less than 36 $1.90


Hockey Pucks: Minimum of 36 per order (#MY-211) $ 1.85 ea. 

Less than 36 $1.95 each.

Catalog companies sell hockey balls that are cheaper. Mine are original from Mylec which is the standard for the industry.

Billiard Balls
(#ES-P0512)Belgian phenolic billiard Balls. Molded balls feature superior roundness. Stripes and numbers are screen printed. Resistant to scratching and chipping. Premium.

$  48.00 per set of 16 balls. 15 & 1 cue ball.











#3 for Ages 3-7        #4 for Age 8-11     #5 for Ages 12+


Clarino Leather Meteor:42 panel European design, butyl bladder. Two  year manufacturer warranty against defects. Color White. Size 3 (#M-SB303),   Size 4(#M-SB404), 

or size 5 (#M-SB505).   1-6 $14.00       7-10 ALL AT $13.50   


Pro Model Zenith: English Porvair leather, hand sewn, butyl bladder. Color Gray/Maroon Size #5 (#M-SB532) or #4 (#M-SB432). 1-6  $15.75.   7-10  7+ $15.25. Not available in #3.  


Thermal Bonded.  Model C-Match #5 or #4. No thread, thermal bonding creates a seamless ball. Superior durability to hand stitched ball. Thermal bonding technology makes this ball a perfectly spherical ball. Enhanced softness $19.75. 6+$18.75


Camp Ball. PU leather Size 5 (#M-SB55), Size 4 (#M-SB44), Size 3 (#M-SB33). 1-6  $8.95, 7-10  $8.55.     Colors: Black & White, Blue & White or Red & White. Suggestion. If ordering different sizes, order them in different colors so staff doesn't get mixed up.


Rubber: sizes 3 (#M-SR3), 4 ( #M-SR4), 5 (#M-SR5), nylon wound, colors: Bl/Wh, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Purple, Red or  Yellow  1-6  $ 5.25 ea. 7-10  $5.00 ea. 


Indoor: Tough nylon  cover size 4 ( #M-XS44) or Size 5   (#M-XS55)   $ 15.50 ea.


(#C-Classic )# 5  ONLY Multi layered composite cover with foam backed panels for softness. 2 ply butyl bladder, all weather surface, hand sewn, 32 panel. 2 Yr. guarantee. 1-6  $15.00    7-10   $14.75     


(#C-Pro Star)) Size 4 or 5. Top grade PU leather, 2 ply bladder, custom hand stitched, 32 panel. Unique air cushioning system, one year guarantee. 1-6  $13.45    7-10  $12.85     


(#C-Elite) Size 4 or 5. Deluxe  PU synthetic cover, foam backed panels, 2 ply butyl bladder, hand sewn, 32 panel 1 yr. guarantee. 1-6 $9.35  7-11  $8.90   


(#C-Extreme) Sizes 3,4 or 5. Patented machine stitched, soft composite PU cover, butyl bladder. Bright colors. Choice of Black, blue, green, orange, purple, red, silver & yellow. 1-6   $8.25   7-10    $7.75     


<< (#C-Extreme Tie Dye):  Same as above  but with tie dye design around ball. Same  as Extreme.

           $8 25.

(#CH)  Challenger. Machine stitched, 2m ply bladder. Choice blue/white...yellow/white... Green/white or Red/white.. Size 5,4 or 3   1-6  $8.10 each.  7-10 $7.85. 

We also sell rubber soccer balls but they are harder on feet or when headed.


FUTSAL BALL. Official size and weight. Laminated soft touch TPU cover. 5 ply nylon custom bladder  $14.60 (#C- TTS3)or (#M-FSB3) Hand sewn, low bounce size 3 $15.65


TENNIS BALLS: Used reprocessed tennis balls are great for practice, machine, or game. From 33 to 42 depending on quality. We sell over 50,000 per year.  Not brand new but still have plenty of bounce. Great for practice or machines!

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(C-700) Indoor only . Clarino leather super tacky cover over sponge rubber carcass. Meets NCAA & NFHS Specs. Men's size $25.50.

(C-600) same ball as above but woman's size 28.5"  $25.00``````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````


Champion. Cordley  Men's size composite leather, 2 ply bladder, Meets,H.S. & & NCAA  specs. (#C-SB1000) $16.95  6+ $16.30


Cordley leather(#C-SB1010) woman's & (#C-SB1015) Jr. size. All  sizes   1-6  $16.95  7+ $16.30


Composite leather. Men's(#C-SB1020) 29.5" # 7

Female (#SB1030) 28.5" # 6...    Jr.(#C-SB1040) 27.5" # 5

All composite cover. Meets HS & NCAA specs. 1-6 $13.25   7+ $12.80 


PERFORMANCE RUBBER BASKETBALLS: Ultra grip, wide channel thermal molded rubber. 100% Butyl bladder, better grip and durability (#C-BX7) Official size, (#C-BX6) Intermediate size 6 (#BX5) Junior size 5  All $9.95... Better grip for younger campers


Oversized training basketballs. Rubber Cover (C-RBB2X)

35.5" bigger in diameter than men's size ball $12.20









Rubber  cover. Nylon wound  

(#-C-RBB1) Reg. Size. Size 7

(#C-RBB2) Jr Size 5. 

(#C-RBB4) Int Size 6.


All of above $5.50. CHOICE OF Yellow,

Purple, Green, Blue, orange or  regular color



(#M-B8) Mini Basketballs: Rubber 1-10  $4.95  11+ $4.75. Colors R/W/B, blue/white, green/yellow or Blue/white. 

(#C-RBB5)  Orange only


Pro Comp Series: Tacky, water resistant Pro Composite cover. Meets NCAA Specs.  Raised laces made from acetified material. Easier to grip and  throw.(CF100) Official size $14.70.........  (#CF200) Int. size $14.50

(C-CF300) Jr. size  $13.45......   (#CF400) Pee Wee $13.10

Comp series. Water resistant composite easy grip cover. 2 ply butyl bladder. Tactified laces. Regular size 

( C-FX500)  Official size $10.20. Int Size (#C-FX600)  $9.25...Jr Size  (C-FX700)  $8.70...Pee Wee (C-FX800) $8.45

Rubber: Official size(#C-RFB1) $8.20   Intermediate (#C-RFB2) $7.95     Youth (#C-RFB3)  $7.20  and Pee-Wee size (#C-RFB4) $6.75


All sizes from 5 to 16.  2 ply. 

Most popular size for kickball, dodgeball, and Gaga   

 (#C-PG8.5)  8.5"$4.02 each. RED. 

If you want in a set of six 8.5" in six colors, #C-PGSET $26.10. 


#C-PG13) 13"$8.75 RED

(#C-PG10)  10" $4.95 each. RED

(#C-PG7) 7" .. $ 3.55 RED    (#C-PG6) 6" . $ 3.10  RED


Heavy duty playground ball 8.5". 4 ply ball.  (# C-PG85HD)  $ 4.45 each Yellow only. slightly heavier than PG8.5 Better ball for heavier kickball use.

Lacrosse Balls: (#C-LBY), yellow (#C-LBO), orange (#C-LBW) White $22.50 a dozen. These are NOCSAE approved. Many leagues and schools require NOSCAE for league play. 

Practice lacrosse ball...Softer spongy indoor and training ball. White  (#C-PLW)  $16.10 a dozen.

Plays the same as regular lacrosse ball but safer for younger children.


Ping Pong Balls: (#C-1STAR144) per gross (144 balls) 40mm instructional ball. $24.00

(#M-PIO) $24.75 per gross  (144 balls)   Durable  Institutional grade 1/2 Gross $14.00. 

#(C-1 Star)  WHITE OR ORANGE Better than institutional grade  Pack of 38 $9.10 Min. of of 2 packs $8.10

  (#C-3 Star38WH ) Tournament seamless balls. Chinese Table Assoc.  Pack 38 to  a box  min. of two boxes 9.25 a box


Wiffle Balls:

Softball size.(#C-PLSBSET)  Variety of colors $ 9.25 a dz.  6 different colors. 

 (#C-PLSB) All white  $9.00 a dz.  (#C-PLSBYL) All yellow $9.00 dz.


Baseball size.(#C-PLBBSET) Variety of colors $ 9.00 a dz.  6 different colors.

 (#C-PLBB) All white  $9.00 a dz.



Tether Balls : (#C-VTB)) Nylon wound rubber ball with reinforced recessed loop and tether. $11.10


 Softer style tetherball: Dimpled rubber cover w/foam backing, reinforced recessed loop 

(C-VTBS) $14.90


Cage/Push Balls


18"  $ 14.00 Each (#C-RCB18)

24"  $ 21.00 each (#C-RBC24)

30"  $ 27.50 each (#C-RCB30)

36"  $ 39.00 each (#C-RCB36)

48"  $ 63.00 each (#C-RCB48)

60"  $ 84.00 each (#C-RCB60)

72"  $ 137.00 ea.  (#C-RCB72)



 18"  $ 15.00 each (#C-CBC18)

 24"  $ 17.50 each (#C-CBC24)

 30"  $ 22.00 each (#C-CBC30)

 36"  $ 27.50 each (#C-CBC36)

 48"  $ 43.00 each (#C-CBC48)

 60"  $ 72.00 each (#C-CBC60)

 72"  $ 82.00 each (#C-CBC72)



For easier throwing and catching order smaller balls

for Dodgeballs & Gaga

      Six balls, six colors


Recommended  for Dodgeball for younger campers is 6" or 7" as it is easier to catch & throw.



 Rhino Skin- Foam- For Gaga Most camps use the 8.5" 7'or 6"



10"  $ 26.00   each (#C-RS101) RED             

8.5" $ 16.30   each (#C-RS85)WHITE

7"    $ 13.20   each  (#C-RS7) Yellow

6"    $   8.70   each  (#RXD6) Black


Other sizes available!                                              

Rhino Skin molded foam balls for basketball, Volleyball, Soccer, Football, Softball  available.  $12-$15.00 each.


Hi- density balls coated foam balls. These balls have ripples that looks like basketballs, soccer balls, volleyballs and footballs. 


Dodge Ball & Gaga Set  (C-RXD8SET) 8" 6 Ball, 6 Colors  $89.00   175 Gram


Dodge ball & Gaga set  (C-RXD6SET)  6 balls, 6 colors   (6") $58.00 LOW BOUNCE

Camps use  8.5" (8.5") (RS85SET) for Gaga. $88.00 as this compared to RXD6SET is slightly heavier  200  gram. Medium Bounce.


Also available Rhino Skin  Low bounce Neon Colors. Sold in sets of 6. Neon Purple, Neon Pink, Neon Green, Neon Orange, Neon Yellow or Neon Blue 6" 62.00

OR 6" sold by piece. Same colors $11.50 


New  SET OF 6 DODGEBALLS. THREE  WHITE AND 3 BLACK. (#RXD8BWSET) Low bounce 8" $89.00,  (#C-RXD7BWSET  7" $74.00 


       Catalog companies sell knockoffs of this style of ball.        




The US Tennis Association has been pushing Quick Start Tennis balls for the teaching of young children. I am listing several  choices to make it easier for you or your tennis instructor.

For ages 10 and under on a 60' court. This ball is 50% slower speed than a standard ball resulting in longer rallies. USTA/ITA Stage 2 specification. # Gam-CFSB6    A 60 pack of these Model Gam-CFSB6 balls cost $62.00. These balls are ORANGE/YELLOW.

For ages 10 and under on 78' court full court. 25% slower than standard ball.  Stage 1 

Model Gam-CGQ36  60 in a pack $64.00.

These balls are GREEN/YELLOW.

For ages 3-6 on 36' court

75% slower than standard ball. Soft foam ball. USTA/IFT Stage 3. ORANGE/YELLOW

Model Gam-CGQ16  Pack of  60  $122.00.

For ages 8 and under on 36" court. 75% slower than standard ball. USTA/ITF Stage 3 specification.

Model Gam-CGQ26  Pack of 60 $62.00.

These balls are RED/YELLOW.  

Model Gam-CG78B 10 and under on 78' court. 25& slower. ages 11+Green Dot on them. 

Gam-CG786 60 balls Green dot $64.00

Gam-CG60B  48 bulk pack. 60' court Orange dot. 50% slower $64.00 Stage 2

Gam-CG606 60 balls on 60' court. Orange dot   $64.00 Stage 2

Revolution Foam Balls with magnacore.

Model Gam-CGRB6  Pack of 60   $122.00. Orange & red

Check out tennis ball order form for used tennis balls. These balls are great for practice and use in ball machines. No, they are not new but have decent bounce. We sell  over 50,000 a year to camp

It will save you a lot of more compared to purchasing new balls.