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GOALS: Several varieties to meet your needs and budgets. 

(#C-LNGPROXX)  $265.00  College/HS. Multiple piece construction. 2" heavy duty orange powder coated galvanized steel tubing. One piece welded top rail with mitered corners.  3'w wide x 3/8" flat steel ground bar with lacing rails allows for more stability. NET NOT INCLUDED        (# LNGPROXXYL) same as above  but yellow tubing.

(#C-LNGHS) $177.00 HS approved.  With 5mm net 1.75" Powder coated steel tubing. Welded lacing rails  for easy net attachment.

(#C-LNGLPRO)  $148.00 each. HS and League. 1.75" orange steel tubing. Includes 4mm net which attach with velcro straps and. 

individually  welded lacing rails. Most popular sold to camps.

#C-LNGL)  $94.00 each 1.5" orange steel tubing. Includes 2mm net.  .

(#C-LNGLFD)  same as LNGL but folds for easy storage  3mm net.  $115.00

All above are 6'x6' goals

NETS: Practice nets and replacement nets of various sizes and thickness. All nets are official size. 6'x6'x7'D  

All nets are sold by PAIR    

(#C-LN53) 3mm net $87.00       (#C-LN54)  4. mm $106.00                 

(#C-LN55 5mm $120.00      ( #C-LN56)  6mm net  $145.00       (#C-LN57)  7mm net  $155.00


Lacrosse Backstop Net: Model (# C-LBS1030)

Free standing heavy duty Polyethylene Net. No tie down required. 1.25" Heavy duty steel poles. Net stands on its own with sturdy construction T-Bar. You may want to secure it for permanent installations. 30' long 10' high. Can be used anywhere you want to keep balls from rolling away from playing area. 

GREAT DEAL $262.00This net will save many balls being thrown into woods

Soft LaCrosse  Sticks, plastic, set of 12 sticks, 6 blue, 6 red w/ 6 vinyl balls. 30"aluminum sticks with collapsible soft plastic head.  118.00


Training balls see below


Lacrosse Coaching Boards. Complete with dry erase marker. Easy wipe off. Double sided. Full field one side 1/2 field the other.

(#C-LXBoard)  $11.75

Mouth guards : A must for protection ! For Soccer , Hockey , LaCrosse etc..

Packed individually in poly bags. Without  the football straps. ( min 12) $1.55 ea. With strap add $.10 each.

LaCrosse Goal Target: Model (#C-LGT)  $71.00

Target area 6' x 6', 9 target zones, made of all weather durable mesh. Quick goal fasteners for easy attachment and removal.

Nine target zones.

(#C-LBT64) Lax Pro Bounce back. 

Dampened rebound surface to absorb shock. Study steel adjustable frame for varied rebound angles. 6' x4' rebound target area. 


Lacrosse Balls

Click Here for Regular Lacrosse Balls

 Schools and Leagues require new NOSCAE ball. NCAA that has been used for years is being fazed out. $27.50 dz. for NOSCAE

Orange, Yellow or white

Safety Lacrosse Balls

Spongy Safety Ball

Same Size as Regular Ball but great for younger campers

as it is a much softer ball. Model# C-PLW $17.90 dz. in white

OR C- PLP in pink $17.90 a dozen


``` Duffle bags.

Several sizes. Far left (#C-DB1001)  420 Denier nylon  shoulder strap with plastic backing. Water resistant. U-shaped top zipper. Shoulder strap.   Red, Black, , Royal or Navy. 36"Lx12"Wx15"H $35.00. 

(C-DB1000BK) Heavy duty vinyl. Wrap around handles with hook -loop closure.36"x12"x16"  Black $36.20




Line Striping Machine (#ALL 550) $ 170.00 10" wheels

(ALL#500) larger wheels flat freewheels    $199.00

Smaller hand held wand for lining small areas is available. 34" long with wheel to mark wet areas, ground indentations,  construction digging etc. $44..00


Make your fields look great. There is nothing more impressive than fields that look professional. Do you have football teams, soccer clubs, marching bands after camp? Lines are a must. 


I went to Amazon and found the exact paint  I get from my

manufacturer for $74.95  a case and you get free shipping.


From Camp Athletic you pay shipping about $10-$12.0 a case for

 under 25 cases and still save over $10.00 a  case



Universal Tip Athletic White Line Marking Paint. Ameri Stripe brand


12- 18 oz. cans per case. Universal tip

1 to 10 cases  .... $59.00...... PLUS SHIPPING

11-24 cases.........$58.00.......PLUS SHIPPING



25-60 cases  $59.00 per case.....  


Many camps that don't need 25 cases, split it  (one 

shipment) with camps near them.



$ 69.95 a case for Orange, Red, Dark Blue, Lite Blue, Green,Yellow, 

 handicapped blue or fluorescent orange. You can mix and match colors

with white for free ship of 25+ cases




Free shipping for 24 pails

Power gas machine liner machines available. Call for pricing



Saucer Cones. 9 wide $.70 ea. (#C-SCX) (min. of 12) yellow, orange, red, blue or green.

Large 12" saucer cones Orange or yellow only. (#C-LDC) $1.97 ea. Min 12.

Saucer cone carrier. Holds 200 cones (#C-SCR) $3.75

Cones. Light weight

(C-TC18) 18" $5.70 ea.  

C-TC15)15   $3.70 ea.  

(C-TC12) 12 $2.42 ea .  

(C- TC9)  9  $1.25 ea.


Heavy weight. Flexible to bend and still retain shape. Weighted cones won't blow over.  Reinforced top eliminates tearing.    One piece construction. Holes in top of cones.

(#C-C6OR) 6"    $2.70

(#C-C-9OR) 9"   $3.65 

(#C-C120R) 12" $7.00  

(#C-180R) 18"    $12.25

(#C-28OR)   28" $19.12

  Above  All Orange


For  C-12" only. Cones are available in colors.  Yellow, green, blue & purple. Add $.50 per cone

Balls: Click here for LaCrosse balls.