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                              GaGa                                                          Hockey Rink

  Call Us with Dimensions.

Plastic Units come in various sizes to meet your needs.

Mouth guards:(#FX-MG) A must for protection ! For Soccer , Hockey , Lacrosse etc.

Packed individually in poly bags. Without the Football straps. ( min 12) $ .90 ea. Colors: Black, blue, green, yellow, clear & orange.

If you want straps that attach to helmet, add $.07 each.

Ice Hockey Professional Goal: Meets all specs. 4” high x 6” wide x 44” deep. Heavy duty steel 2 3/8” diameter with .154 wall thickness. Rounded corners and top shelf. Price is $1350.00 per pair. Nets sold separately.  Weight 290 lbs. (#GO-1HG)

Ice Hockey: The above is an ice hockey goal.


Hockey Goal (#GO-1HG1) weight 150 lbs. 1 5/8" OD steel  $1055.00 Ice Hockey


Hockey Sharp Shooter (#MY-905). Heavy duty vintex vinyl. Attaches to goal with several Velcro straps. Three color graphics, weighted bottom. Can be used for ball or puck. $36.00 each. For 60" goals (  Min. of 2.)

(#MY-906) Same as above for 72” regulation goals. $37.50 each. (Min. of 2) 

C-HGT)  heavier duty training target  $48.00* for 72" goals (not available for 60" goals)


Hockey Coaching Boards. 10"L x16" W. Complete with dry erase marker. East wipe off. Double sided. Full rink on one side and 1/2 rink  on other. (#C-CBIH)   $9.60


Hockey Sticks from Mylec: Several sizes to choose from. Packs of 12 come standard 8 Right 4 Left.  

If you want all Right or all Left add $4.00 dz.

Jet Flow Eclipse: 

(# MY-304) Size 53” Ages 12+ $89.50  

(#MY-307) Size 48”Ages 10-12 $87.00 

(#MY-305) Size 43” Ages up to 10 $86.00.  All prices per dz.  


Replacement blades ( MY-409)  Minimum of 12. Must be all right or all left. $3.65 each. If you split 12 pack for  right or left. $4.25 each

Black , red or blue, CAN'T MIX COLORS.


If you are not sure about size, get the larger size. Unscrew blade,( two screws) cut wood where blade end attaches. Saw off a little to make stick smaller, replace screws and you will get a little shorter stick. If you order smaller size, you can't make them bigger. 

Several other models available. Flo Composite, Composite, ABS, Aluminum, Laminated, Glass filled. These are more expensive. Most popular for camps are the Jet Flo  sticks. 



SOFT HOCKEY-- Foam blades,, Rhino skin cover. SEE FUN AND GAMES PAGE



Air Flow Goalie Stick   48" Stick......  MK1GS Jr.          MK2GS Youth 42"    Stick. $16.60 ea. Min. 6.

Less than  6,  $18.60 each. You can make stick smaller but cutting off a little described above.

If not sure, order the 48" stick and you can cut off 1-3 inches if they are too big for younger children.


Replacement  Goalie blades (#MY-418) Min. 6    42" blade     (#419)  for 42" blade   $12.00 Minimum of 6.




Steel goals from Mylec. steel tubing, top shelf. Heavy weight sleeve netting. 

Camp Goals:  

(#MY811)) 4'x6' Steel 2'' steel tubing  Heavy duty netting $140.00

(#MY-810) 4'x6' Steel $109.00 ea. 1 1/2" steel tubing.

(#MY-812) 54"x44" $85.00 ea. 1 1/2" Steel tubing.

(#MY-814) 52"x43"x28"  1 1/4" steel tubing $47.00

(#MY 802) 48"x37"x18"n Jr. Folding  1/58"  $28.50


Steel Goals: Upper end: (#C-SHGPRO)   2" 16 gauge heavy duty galvanized steel, frame, 5 mm  weather treated net,

Pro style top shelf, rounded back bar,,72"x48"x36" $142.00 each

OR  (#C-SHG64 ) SAME AS ABOVE BUT 1 5/8" 18 Gauge steel frame  72"x48"x36"  $124.00 each


Below- These goals are MYLEC  PVC All are 1 5/8"  with netting

(#MY-809) 6'x4'  $63.00

(#MY-806)  54"x 48"x24" $54

(#MY-802) Jr. folding goal. 48"x37"x18" $30.00 ea. 

From Champion:

(C-FHG72) Fully foldable and collapsible high impact resistant 1"  ABS goal. All weather

with nylon sleeve 6'x3.5" 80.00 ea.

(#C-FHG 54) Same as  above  4.5"x3.5"  $65.250

(#C-HG40)  official size  1 5/8" heavy duty plastic tubing 6"x3.5"$62.00 ea.

(#C-HG30) Same as above but 4.5"x3.5"  $58.00 ea.


Replacement netting. Mylec (#MY-819) for # 810 goals $42.00 ea. 

Replacement netting  Mylec  ( #MY-821) for #812 goals $38.00 ea.

Replacement netting Mylec   ((#MY-817) for # 803, 806, & 814 goals $20.00

Replacement netting Champion for (#C-SHGPRO  or (#C-SHG64   Model  #C-HRN4)   $46.50



Helmets: With wire face guard, Senior White (#MY-151),  Senior Black (#MY151A .3/4" padding

 Junior White (#MY-152), Junior Black (#MY-152A).  1/2" padding     


All helmets are $37.50 Minimum 4. Order 8, price is $36.00. Order 12, price is $35.00 
HEAD SIZE:  SR.  Ages 13 and up7 1/4"-8 1/3"      JR. up to 12 Ages 6 3/4"- 7 3/4"

Replacement chin guard, straps and snaps $11.50 each. Min. of 12.

Helmets without without  face guards: (MY-150. MK1) SR. Available in Black, blue or red $20..00.

JR-MY-155 without face guards. Same choice of colors  $20.00.



Goalie Pads:  

32" Large     (#MK1W- 170A) Black   Pr.     $70.00       (#MK1- 170W) White  Pr.

27" Medium (#MK1-171A Black         Pr.     $64.00        (#MK1-171W) White   Pr.

22" Small       (#MK1#172A Black       Pr.    $62.00      (#MK1-172 W) White  Pr.

(#MK3CPS).    (#188)Air Flo Chest Protector with full arm pads Senior. $57.00 each. 

(#MK3CPJ (#189). Air Flo Chest Protector with full arm pads Junior. $55.00 each.  

   Above not only covers shoulder and biceps but elbow and forearm.

(#MK3CPY-#190) Air Flo Chest Protector w/out arm pads. Boy large $41.00 each. 

Covers shoulder and biceps

GLOVES.  Ending in (R) Fits Right hand.  For lefties.....Glove fits on other hand not holding the stick.

(#MK3CGJ)- Old  #550A Fits left hand Pro Catch Glove Junior.  $49.50  (#MK3CGJR). Fits Right hand $49.50 

High impact reinforced thumb. 

(#MK3CGS)- Old #(#555A) Pro Catch Glove Senior Fits left hand. $61.50 each.  (#MK3CGSR)-(#555AR)Full Right $61.50 each. High impact reinforced thumb and cuff block.

R glove are for lefties. Glove fits right hand.   

(#MK3CGY) Old # 560 FITS LEFT HAND Pro Catch Glove Youth.       ( #MK3CGYR) FITS RIGHT hand. $45.50 each. R glove          

for lefties. Glove fits right hand. $45.50

High impact thumb and cuff block.


(#MK3BJ). Pro Goalie Blocker JUNIOR Old # 520 

(#MK3BJ) Full Right


R blockers are for lefties. 



(#MK3BS)-#530A . Pro Goalie Blocker SENIOR 

 (#MK3BS #-530A)

$45.50 each 


R blockers are for lefties. Fits right hand. 





(#MK3BY-  Old #540A). Pro Goalie Blocker YOUTH 

(#MK3BYR)-#540AR Full Right 

$33.50 each. 

Ultra soft ventilated

(#MK3BYR) Fits right hand

R blockers are for lefties

(#MK3GP21) Ultra light goalie pads  21"  $110.00 pr.

Ankle to knee 12"


( #MK3CP24 )    24" $120.00 Ankle to knee  14"



(#MK3GP27 Ultra Light 7000 Goalie Pads 27”$122.00  pr.

Ankle to knee 15"


(#MK3GP30 Ultra Light 30" $132.00 Pr. Ankle to knee 16"


#MK3GP32)  Ultra lite goalie pads 32"  $132.00 

Ankle to knee 16.5"



The above  hockey pads ( Model MK3GP) features new flat front design and deep contoured channels. Ultra light weight foam padding throughout with breathable mesh. New smart strap system and extended calf protection. Additional knee block padding. I  have seen prices for MK3 model over $150.00 a pair

(#MY-128) ^^^^^Ultra Pro Goalie Mask  

White or black

Minimum 2. $36.50 ea. 


(#MY-128F) ^^Ultra Pro Goalie Mask Flame. Minimum 2 $37.50 ea.


(#MY-128P) ^^^^^ Ultra Pro Goalie Mask  Patriot.  

Minimum 2. 0 each.  $37.50



Goalie Face Masks:

Sold in pairs: Junior White(#MY-120, Junior Black(#MY120A) are $16.00 each. All plastic, no wire front. 

5 buckle design

 (#125) white  or #125A black. Adjustable straps $17.50


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