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Not only for baseball but used by many camps to COUNT post season groups.

Many leagues require pitch count. The double clicker can count for both teams



Double First Base: Two bases attached to each other. One in orange and the other in white. The fielder touches the white base and the runner touches the orange base. Highly recommended by coaches as this base can eliminate the runner stepping on or running into the first baseman. High quality, vinyl coated nylon shell, 3 nylon web straps and 3 spikes. . Model (#C-M155) 30"x 15"x 3" $29.00    

Model (#C-144)  28"x14"x2" $28.00. 

 Pro model, one piece rubber w/anchoring system  30"x15"x2.5" (#C-175) $82.00( Pictured below-(Pro Anchor Base) so you can see in ground attachment.

Set of three bases: Quilted vinyl coated nylon shell with firm foam filler, leather reinforced tabs, 2 nylon web straps and 2 heavy duty spikes.  (#C-M150) 15"x 15" x 3” are $32.00   


(#C-M300) 14” x 14” x 2”are $29.00      (#M350) 15" x15"x 2" $31.00.


(#C-M290) 14”x 14” x 2” ( softball size) Single  strap are $29.00 .




Throw down bases: Three bases and home plate.  

Made of vinyl orange rubber are only $8.75 per set. with pitcher's plate (#C-97)   In white (C-97W) $8.75                        

No Pitchers plate $8.50.( #C-98) orange only.

Pro Anchor Home plate Pro model, with ground anchor 58.25.  (#C-BH87)

<<<<<<<<<<<Save a Leg Home plate   (#C-85) With 5 metal spikes $17.95

Professional bury all home plate with cherry hardwood bottom (#C-BH88) 59.00

Waffle bottom heavy rubber home plate without spikes  (#C-96) $10.45

Waffle bottom heavy rubber throw down base with suction bottom  (#C-93)  $8.10 each.

 (C--M110) Base spikes  $.135

Pro Anchor Base

Heavy gauge rubber cover over hi density foam interior with rust proof bolted stanchion pan.  3 anchors, 3 plugs and 3 bases. 

15"x15" x3"  (#C-M500) $112.00 .

TOOLS For in ground bases. Not pictured.

Bases are expensive. Take out when not needed just like Maj. League teams do.

Two types.. Molded rubber plug.  (# C-500P)   orange)  $9.45 Set of three.

Same as above but black and has pull strap for easier lift up. (#C-WAP)  $4.50 each

Dig out tool for easy removal of dirt getting in anchor (#DT10)   8" tapered edge  $3.95

Replacement Pro Anchor for all base except (#M250 )$5.25




(#C-90) Mounted on official rubber home plate. Telescopic

sleeve adjusts fro 22"-47" High. Black molded rubber with

reinforced steel tube. $18.50.

Batting T replacement tube  20" L x2" W (#C-90T)  $4.50

 Pitchers Plates. 

Little League with 3 metal spikes. (#C-70) $9.00 ea. 

Regulation size with 3 spikes. (#C-80) $11.75. 

Official pitcher's plate w/removable spikes (C-#RP81) $14.50

Six other models available (4 way, step down, and removable spikes).


Catchers Masks:

Hard Ball :  Extended throat guard Black (C-BM2A) $20.00

Youth Ultra light extended throat protection(-C-BM4) $15.00

Softball: Black   $13.50 (# C-SM1)

Umpire (C-BM200BK) Light weight, fore head and ear and throat guard. $35.00.


Hockey style catcher's helmet. High impact ABS plastic, 16 vents holes, adjustable back plate,

reinforced steel cage, adjustable chin strap, Die cut foam liner. fits head size 7 1/8"-7 1/2" NOCSAE and SEI certified

Adult (#CH650)  $58.00      Youth  fits (C-CH600)  head size 6 3/8"-7 1/8"$57.00


Helmet Caddy

Heavy duty, reinforced vinyl with mesh backing. Holds 8 helmets. Attaches to chain link fence. 

. (#C-HC1000) $24.80 Holds 8 helmets

(#C-HC1012) Hold 12 helmets. $31.00  




Ages 7 to 9 w/tail Black $29.00      (#C-P130LBK) 

Ages 10 to12 w/tail Black  $32.00 (#C-120LBK) 

Ages 12 to16  w/tail Black $36.00 (#C-P110LBK)

Pro adult No tail. Light weight. Multi layered foam 

(#C-P100SBK) $38.00



Girls w/removable breast plate. (#C-RGCP15BK)  

 Built in chest plate. Ages 12-15. 15" $32.00

Ages 15+ (C-RGCP17BK 17"  $35.00


Umpire, Outside black $26.50 (#C-P150) $25.00*


LEG GUARDS: Single knee  

Ages 7 to 9 Black  11"     $26.30  (#C-LG84BK)

Ages 9 to 12 Black 13"$29.50 (#C-LG83BK)

Umpire Major League also available



w/ Double Knee Cap  $34.50 (#C-LG84ABK) 9-12 wings

w/ Double Knee Cap  $29.50 (#C-LG83ABK) 10-12

w/ Double Knee Cap  $34.50 (#C-LG82ABK) 12+



Ages 10 to 12 and 12 to 16 available  with side wings.






 Jugs Pitching Machines  :    Curve Ball                    CALL FOR PRICING 

                                                         Softball                               "       "        "  

                                                   # 101 Baseball )                       "       "        " 

                          Combo: Baseball/Soft/Tennis                           "       "        "

                                   Junior: Baseball/Softball                          "       "        "

                                   Junior: Baseball only                                 "      "         " 

                                                              MVP                              "      "         " 

                                             5 yr guarantee on all machines!

  Radar guns available....... 


Jugs Lite-Flite Pitching Machine (#J-M6000).     

Throws slow pitches or challenging breaking pitches. A quick change switch lets it throw softballs or baseballs. The machine only throws Lite-Flite balls so your campers can hit a sharp breaking pitch without the fear of being hit by the ball. Throws fastballs, curves and sliders. It simulates both left and right handed pitches.  Runs on 110 current. $420.00

Battery Pack for Lite-Flite (#J-A0050).  Weighs 17 pounds. Come with carrying case and battery re-charger. Runs the Jugs Lite-Flite & small ball machine for up to 3 hours of continuous use. Recharging time 2 hours. $238.00.

Pitching machine baseballs and softballs  can be found on ball page.




Bat Caddy(#C-BH1000)). Heavy duty, reinforced vinyl with mesh backing. Holds 12 bats. Attaches to chain link fence. $23.00. 

 Keep bats off the ground and out of the way of runners or catchers. 

 (#C-BC1010) with carry handle, holds 10 bats, rolls up for storage. Hangs on fence  $22.95


Ball Gloves: Nylon mesh back & soft leather front makes this glove ready to use right out of the box. 

Adjustable wrist strap with Velcro closure.



(#C-CBG930) 10" Fielder , soft leather shell, basket web  $ 19.50  ages 5-7

(#C-CBG935) 11" Fielder , soft leather shell, basket web   $21.75  ages 8-12

(#C-CBG940) 12" Fielder, soft leather shell,  basket web   $22.75  ages 12-15

#C-CGB950)  13" Fielder, soft leather shell,  basket web   $24.10   adult


(#C-CCM300) Catcher's Glove Youth size, dark tan oil injected leather, fast back design, palm pad.  $44.00. 

(#C-CCM350) Intermediate Size. Same as above  $46.00

(#C-CCM400) Adult size . Same as above.  $47.00


Jugs Toss Machine, 2yr. guarantee. No electricity required.

Comes with internal re-chargeable battery.

Runs up to 8 hours on continuous use.    

Holds 14 Baseballs, 10 Softballs

Great for younger campers!

$ 217.00 (#J-A0600)  

Also great for tennis  teaching as it throws ball out in lob action.

(#C-SC1) Baseball Scorebook. 25 Games, 15 player. Minimum of 6. $3.25 each. 6+ $3.00


Line Striping Machine (#ALL) $ 106.00.

10 wheel machine. 

Hand held wand for lining small areas is available. 34" long with wheel to mark wet areas, ground indentations,  construction digging etc. $32.00


Make your fields look great. There is nothing more impressive than fields that look professional. Do you have football teams, soccer clubs, marching bands after camp? Lines are a must. 


Universal Tip Field Line Marking Paint.


I went to Amazon and found the exact paint  I get from  

manufacturer from $50-$55.00  a case.


Twelve- 18oz cans per case. Universal tip

1-10 cases...........$44.50

11 to 24 cases  .. $43.95...... PLUS  SHIPPING


                        FREE SHIPPING 25+ cases

25-30 per case $42.45  per case with free freight.

31 -59 cases ... $42.00 per case. with free freight.   

60 cases  $39.00 and you get lowest price plus free liner machine and free freight


Less than 25 cases shipping will be added. If you  chose  25+ cases,  you  save ship charges. 

Many camps that don't need 25 cases, 

split it  (one shipment) with camps near them.



Order 60 cases, get free liner machine.


Add 4.00 case for , Red, Dark Blue, Light Blue, Green or Yellow. Add $5.00 per case for fluorescent orange

and handicapped blue.


Free shipping for  16 pails.

Power gas machine liner machines available, Call for pricing


Paint line machine. Picture on left.   $118.00



PHAT BATS         >>>>>>>>>>>

Oversized 3.5" barrel. Super strong plastic  27"long  (#BB27SET $29.70

Set of 6 bats in 6 colors. 

Solid lightweight plastic bat. Molded grip handle 31"(C-PLB)$2.85 >>>>>>>>

Wiffle Balls can be found on Ball page

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Solid light>>> weight

Molded grip 31" 






Umpire Clickers. 

(#C-PIL) Plastic Clickers. Three function as above. Xtra Large numbers.

Minimum of 6. $3.50 each.

(#C-P14) Plastic Clickers. Four function (plus innings). Minimum of 6. $3.00 each.

Knee Cushion :

Supports the body while in a crouched position. Reduces the risk of knee injury.

Youth : $10.50 (#C-LGKSA) Under 5'7"

Adult :  $10.25 (C-LGKSY)  5'8" and up




Pitchers protector for hard ball, left or right hand pitcher  

Softball Pitchers protector   (# C-NB7236) $114.00


 Fixed frame.

Quick snap protective screens  

See bottom of page for protectors from Champion.


CARRY BAGS   MIDDLE PICTURE (#C-DB1001)   420 Denier nylon shoulder straps can be  worn as backpack. Available in Black, Royal, Red or Navy 36"Lx12"Wx15" H $34.00

(#C-DB1000BK) Heavy duty vinyl wrap around handles with hook loop closures . BLACK LEFT PICTURE      36"Lx13"Wx16" $22.75


         (#C-CB2136BK) 22oz. canvas. Shoulder strap & handle 36"x21"  Black $27.70

(#CB3050)  22 50"W   34.25 Black or Olive drab. Shoulder strap.


Heavy duty nylon drawstring, Tie lock and ID tag.

(C-MB21SET)Set of 6 colors  24"x36"  $22.00

(M-MB22SET)  Set of 6 colors 24" x 48"$28.00

Above small mesh opening


(C-BC10)  4" square mesh bag. Drawstring. Shoulder strap  24"Wx36" . Can hold 12 soccer balls, 10 basketballs. Not for baseballs, lax balls etc as opening in mesh is too big $3.35  6+ $3.15  Picture found on ball page.                                                      



Batting Cage Net: 12'H x 14'W x 70'L (#N1110)  # 119 lb breaking strength nylon twine  $502.00    FRAME:  #FR100  $960.00

                                  12'H x 14'W x 70'L (#N1000)  # 191 lb breaking strength nylon twine  $714.00    FRAME   #FR200  $960.00

Softball/Youth baseball Net:

                                 12'H x 14'W x 55'L (#N2110)  # 1500 nylon twine  $510.00                        FRAME #FR100  $960.00 

                                 12'H x 14'W x 55'L (#N2000)  # 2100 nylon twine  $625.00                        FRAME # FR200 $900.00

Several other size cages available:


Outdoor Frames available. Many camps build their own frames out of 2"pipe or 4 x 4 wood posts

Heavier netting available but a lot more expensive. The above are what most camps buy.

BASEBALL BACKSTOPS : We have many different styles including fixed and portable. 


Call For Pricing

Below are various catch and play nets for a variety of sports.



(#C-SG42) $49.95 a pair 48"x 24'x 24" 

(#C-SG64) $89.50 a pair 72"x48"x48  $89.50



Poly steel frame construction. 

Gusseted nylon corners. 8mm

polyester mesh net. Elastic anchors

and tethers with velcro fasteners

with carry bag  (#C-SG7240) 

72"Wx42" H 42" Deep $64.00 PR

(#C-SG4830 48"W x32"H x32"$51.00 PR


 fencing. Quick and easy to set up and take down  for grass cutting or when you want to separate fields.

Red, blue or green with yellow top home run marker. Standards pole are 10' apart but you can get the with 5 foot spacing.

To calculate size of fence from foul pole to foul pole, multiply length by 1.57 to get size you need. You can purchase in length of 50', 100' and 150' Foul pole markers are 8' high made of reinforced  PVC



Easy to install. Gives extra stability. Allows for quick removal.

12" long PVC socket....Top caps to cover socket when not in use. 

Comes with tool to set socket.

Call for pricing as several configurations are available

Protective Netting for all fields

Call with dimensions (height and length)

Small hole openings to keep balls from getting through into your woods.

Electronic Baseball Outdoor Scoreboard. See Basketball page.

Click here for Baseballs