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The Best Plastic GaGa Pit and Roller Hockey Rink Made

Comes in sections to meet the size rink you desire

These units are used for Roller Hockey Rinks also

Call us with your dimensions, number of doors etc.

The Plastic Panels come in sections and easily interlock with each other.


Many camps, schools and Park and Rec Departments have asked  for Gaga Pits that can be used inside or out. This new product answers those inquiries.

Sets up and take down in about 7 minutes. Made of commercial material ( similar to water park slides, inflatables ) Made of 0.6 mm 22*20 1000 denier PVC with FR and UV protection.

15 to 20 players at one time.

 Inflated dimensions 18.5" x16'5" x2.6" H.        Weight 127 pounds.      Bag to hold deflated pit is 3''8"x 2'6" x2'9" for storage


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