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The promotion of your camp by a top quality video canít be matched. Parents today request videos and sit in their living rooms and compare. Many of you hire outside videographers or do the shooting by your camp staff.

We have seen hundreds of videos and basically, they all look the same whether it be in the same kind of shots or the way it was edited. Most look the same. Most have no pizzazz. Too many interviews with campers basically saying the same thing

5 Star Media Magic is owned and operated by Craig Horowitz and is the right person to do your video. After college ( when I sold my camp) Craig went into the movie video business. After perfecting his craft at NY Film Institute, he went on to win awards at Film Festivals for editing, worked on movie sets, has done promotional videos for Ski Areas as well as Sleep-a-way and Day Camps. Six years ago he won week #9 on the Steven Spielberg TV Reality Show, "The Lot" and came in second in the final run off of the show.

Growing up in the business at his family's camp (Pontiac), Craig knows camping. His videos move at a quick pace and  do not have boring interviews like most videos. When a camper hits a tennis ball, it goes over the net or the basketball goes through the hoop. You wonít have pictures of campers in sweat shirts, playing soccer without shin guards or a catcher without a mask. You won't find shots of a Color War banner with the year dating your video. Many video companies hire college students to do their shooting and they just donít understand what sells.  Do they climb on top of buildings to get angle shots looking down? Do they ride the zip line to give that exciting feeling?

Craig has high end broadcast quality video HD cameras including underwater cameras, steady cam,  hi-tech editing equipment as well as mass DVD duplication machines done on quality discs, not generic.

Listed below are many of the camps that use Craig for video work. Feel free to call any of them to see how good his work is.

Beach Point Club, Belvoir Terrace, Bizzy Bee, Cedar, Chaaguay Champions, Chen-a-wanda, Dora Golding, Echo, Eagle River, Falcon, Greylock,  Greenfield Meadows, Greenlane, Hillard, Holiday Hills, Island Lake, Ivy League, Watonka, Lakota, Meadowbrook, Matoponi,   Netimus, New England Music, Oakcrest, Park Slope, Pine Grove, Pontiac, Ramah-Nyack, Regesh, Riverdale Y, Scatico, Shane, Seneca Lake, Southwoods, Surprise, Spring Lake, Lake, Tamarack Day,  Watitoh,  Wigwam,  Willow Woods, URJ Coleman, Yeshiva Brooklyn and Young Judaea.

Want copies of old camps movies (8mm, Super 8 sound, 16MM), and slides as well as personal memories ( Weddings, parties, Bar Mitzvah's), he duplicates these on discs also.

Several camps are now making videos to recruit counselors. A short video of what a counselors job entails. They show what counselors do on their days off at attractions in the area and the activities that staff gets involved in. Just like the promotional videos to attract campers, their have found a staff video works wonders.

I could go on and on but the best thing to do is contact Craig @ 5 Star Media Magic at 917-969-8966 to discuss shooting, editing your own or doing duplication. His services will get campers to your camp at a cost far less than the competition.