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Track & Field


Discus: Several  styles available. Wood or rubber. call with sizes

Iron Shot Puts:  6 Pound. (#C-IS6)   $22.00          8 pound (#C-IS8) $24.00        


Starting Blocks Championship model (#C-TSB4)  $72.00. Silver powder coated all steel construction. For cinder and all weather tracks. Spring loaded plunger for pedal adjustment and secure locking. With 6 track spikes and wrench. Four other models are available. CALL

Hurdles: from Practice to Collegiate Level. 

 Training hurdles:  Weighted  hi impact ABS. Three point stability are tip resistant. All yellow with nylon carrying bag.

(#C-WHP6SET 6" high. Set of 6 $56.00... (C-WPH9SET 9" $60.00     (#C-WPH12SET) 12"H $74.00

The above are not pictured 

Speed hurdles: .Lightweight plastic. Can come individually or sets.

<<<<<<<<<<(#C-PH66SET)  Set of 6 colors 6" high  $50.25........(#C-PH126SET)  $53.10

(#C-PH6) Yellow 6" high $8.00 each      (#C-PH12) Orange 12" high $8.90




Indoor Agility Ladder and Agility Hoops

(#C-AGLIND) Two iron rods with nylon covers. 11 Rings. Shift and slide resistant. Will not mar floors.  Nylon carry bag.   $52.70

(#C-HAL12)  12 hoop ladder. Makes different configurations $19.75

(C-AGLXX) 12 adjustable plastic slats 20'Long20" wide $32.38

(#C-AGL) 20 Adjustable hard plastic rungs.1"W black nylon web with snap ends. Two five yards sections. Include carry bag  30" L x20"W  53.00

(C-AGLRB) Non slip soft rubber rungs. Indoor use. $28.00

Batons :  


Plastic (#C-RBPL) Packed 6 to a set. All same color  $8.00. Choice black, blue, yellow, green, red or silver 

Aluminum (#C-RB)   packed 6 to a set. All  same color  $2.25 each



(#C-910) 1/100 second with lap counter. Daily alarm, hourly chime, big digit display, water

and shock resistant. Choice of Red, orange, yellow, green, blue or purple $6.85

(#C-910 SET)  Six watches, 6 different colors. $41.00


Tape Measures:

 Open Reel


165 ft. $14.50(#C-RF165)

200 ft. $17.00(#C-R200)

250ft.  $21.00.(#C-R250)

300ft.  $24.00 (#C-R300

400ft   $27.00 (#C-400)                    

Power Megaphones:  All megaphones have volume control and sirens. 

All require batteries (not included)


(# MP8W) 800 Yards 8-12 watts  adjustable volume siren $70.00

(#C-MP12W) 1000 yd range,12- 25 watts , siren, shoulder strap   $75.00.

(#C-16W)120 yard range, hand held microphone, siren  $88.00






#C-MB4) 4-5 lbs  $15.00 (#C-MB6) 6-7 lbs $16.50

(#C-MB9) 9-10 lbs  $19.95




Tape measures:  Megaphones: Stop watches: Whistles:     SEE FUN AND GAMES PAGE