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Two Lobster pitching machines available.  Tournament with duel oscillator, 150 ball capacity, shot intervals, several speeds.  (# LOB-401) Call for pricing. 

Hybrid with horizontal oscillator  (#LOB-301) Call for pricing


(#C-T-500) 3.8mm, knotless polyethylene netting, sealed with polyester coating. 2.5" double reinforced  polyester headband.  Side pockets with dowels. Vinyl coated steel cable. 3 year guarantee  $144.00

(#C-T-200) 3.6 mm double braided polyethylene. 1st 5 rows double netting. 2.5" double reinforced headband. 8 rows of heavy nylon stitching. 6mm coated steel cable. Tapered nylon bottom with side pockets and dowels.  $146.00

(#C-T-100) 3mm double braided polyethylene netting. 2.5" double reinforced headband. 6 rows of heavy duty nylon stitching. 6mm vinyl coated steel cable. Taped nylon bottom with side pockets. $120.00.

(#C-T1) Same as T-100 but 2.8mm netting  $92.00.

(#C-T2) Same as T-1 but no side pockets $82.00.


2 /7/8" diameter galvanized schedule 40 pipe. all external aluminum winder with enclosed gear assembly and winding drum. Removable handle. aluminum caps and pulley. Electrostatically applied enamel finish.  Choice of green or black (#GAM-CGSTP)  $212.00 Pair.

Internal winder.. (#GAM-CGPTP) $315.00 pair.. Brass  non binding internal winder with removable brass handle. Rolling net cable feed. Green or black.


Posts for 2 7/8" posts. Cemented into court for easy post removable of post. (#GAM-CGGS) $25.00 each.

PIPE ANCHOR. (#GAM-CPA) $17.50 each. Cemented into court and used to fasten the center strap.

PIPE ANCHOR INSERT (GAM-CPA1)To Replace into anchor system  with a broken cross bar$25.00


TENNIS COURT POST REEL.   Heavy duty universal fit post reel idea as replacement for broken or discontinued reel models.  Epoxy finished steel reel with automated check latch and long detachable handle. Green only. (#GAM-CDTPR)  $72.00 Many camps use these to reduce slack or keep taught golf cage and other  nets.


(#GAM-ARGSG) High quality tacky over grips. Pack of 60. Assorted colors. Can be used for tennis rackets 

or baseball bats.  $42.00


Hi- rise 75 ball (#GAM-BHHR1  (one)  $24.50      (three units) (#GAM-BHH3) $23.00                                                                                                                                                                                      

Pro Plus 110 ball  One unit  (#GAM-BHPP1) One  $30.50.        Three units (#GAM-BHPP3)    3+$29.75.           

Whopper 140 ball  (#GAM-BHW1  One $33.00    (#GAM-BHW3)      3+ $32.00

Brute Cart: 300 ball capacity. $175.00. ( shown at right) (#GAM-BHB)  >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>   

Roll Dri and Replacement Rollers:  Made by Gamma which makes the best water remover. Other companies make cheaper models which don't last as long or as good. 

Replacement: (#GAM-EZ Dri CEZR+) 36' wide, 5/8" polyvinylalcohol foam, PVC core, seamless construction, last much longer than foam rollers $38.00.

(#GAM-CEZR)1/2" polyvinylaldehyde foam. PVC core, 36" wide, seamless construction $33.00. (#GAM-CEZ2)Full unit $72.00

We  do not sell  polyurethane foam. They are cheaper but if they don't hold up, what good are they.

Squeegees: (#GAM-CBFS) Bent floor, 24" long helps keep water in straight line, coated wooden handle 1/4" thick blade $33.75.

Inexpensive Tennis Racquets: Aluminum frame, hi-sheep strings, 

PU sponge leather grip. Standard size. 27" $14.25 each. (#M-T111)
Intermediate size: nylon strings, pvc grip 24"  light weight  $ 14.25 (#M-T113)

Jr. size: same as above 21"J light weight   $ 14.00 (#M-JRT2100) 

Ball Tubes:

Easy pick-up.  With strap  

18 ball capacity.  

Minimum of 3 per order. Red color. Younger campers love to use these tubes.

($ 20.00 (#GAM-BBT)            

Court Scorer, metal poles, name cards( included) wipe off easily with a dry erase marker eraser   $65.00. Can be moved easily from court to court. (#GAM-CSPR)

Scorer made of PVC and is removable, Set of cards to show status of set winner.     (#GAM-CSR) $47.00


Badminton Rackets, prices range from $5.00 to  $10.00 each

Available in regulation and junior size rackets

Badminton Nets: (C-BN20) 18 ply nylon. 2" $26.00. Less expensive nets available but I do not recommend.



 Plastic tube of 6 

Indoor or Outdoor

 (#C-SHP15) $3.00

Nylon tournament quality 

$ 5.25 

 indoor or outdoor tube of 6 (#C-SHN25)



Tennis Windscreens

Available in 6 and 9ft heights.

Comes in 63 to 90 percent shade.

Grommets every 12". Can be had with 1/2 moon wind cutouts

Call for pricing.

Center Straps: 2 1/8 nylon webbing  GAM-CCS   Deluxe Pro center strap $12.50  
Other: We can also supply tapes and nails for clay courts, post cranks, posts with ground sleeves, drag brooms and line brushes.

Mini Tennis Net Set : Model (#C-MTNSET)

Great for Indoor and Outdoor Play. Sets up in minutes. 

Made of light weight steel

Comes with carrying case. 10' wide  X 3' high  $ 96.00

Also available: 20" wide portable. 30" high that can be set to a full 61"

for other sports. Nylon web adjustable at the top ensures tension

(#PA20SET )  20"X61"$98.00  

(#PA14SET) 14' wide 61" HIGH  $92.00

(C-PTNSET)  Portable, instant tennis. Includes 2  21" rackets, 12' net kit  $65.00


PADDLE TENNIS RACKETS (#C-RBR100)  oversized head. Wide body construction. Aluminum frame. 

Leather grip, Nylon strings $14.00  

(#C-PBR9) 9 ply ash wood.24 holes. Leather wrist strap. $8.90.

Jr. paddleball set. (#C-MRJSET)  Jr. sized racket.  Durable molded plastic 14"long set of 6 colors. $26.00 

Full size plastic (C-MRSET)  15" long  Molded plastic Set of six colors $29.10


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