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      Golf Ball Order Form

 Print out this page and Fax it back to me @ (518) 329-1582


(1) Recycled balls. All have been acid washed to removed scratches, marks and logos .Repainted white to look brand new  Top brands. All balls are used or as they say in the  trade, "experienced". Great for  range or course  $3.80 a dozen in lots of 50 dozen.  $4.00 from 25-49 dozen . 

(2) Range balls. Yellow or white with red or black stripe.  These balls are acid washed removing just about all marks, logos etc. Re-glazed, new paint stripe. $4.00 in lots of 50 dozen. $4.15 for 25-49 dozen. 


(3) Colored golf balls for mini golf courses. Regulation golf balls that are made in a variety of colors. Sold in dozen lots @ $5.50 per dozen. We canít guarantee 12 different colors but will make sure at 4 different colors in each dozen. Call us about shipping. If we pack with other items the charge is practically nothing. If shipped alone, you will pay about $6.00 a dozen.   LIMITED SUPPLY



Please ship_____________ Dozen #_________Golf balls @$________a dozen


NY State camps  please list County__________

 Tax exempt  ID #______________________  If we do not have your # on file, you must send us the tax exemption form


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