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       Netting: Comes in ten foot height by 20' or 30' long.  Arrows will not penetrate. 

Just dig into ground 2 or 3, 4x4 posts, run a cable or heavy poly rope between and attach with plastic ties.  

Keep netting off the ground so lawn mowers or weed wacker does not rip it. Call for pricing

The prices listed below are less than the catalog competitors. The manufacturer wants camps to order early as they always get backed up in May and June for delivery.                                                   ORDER AS EARLY AS POSSIBLE  TO  ASSURE YOURSELF OF DELIVERY BEFORE CAMP

Age Chart: Regular  Recurve bows       

Goblin 4-7 years of age Right or left hand                     Scout:  Compound 4-7 years of age Right or left hand.

Wizard: 5-10 years of age Right or left hand.               Crusader: 9-13 years of age Right or left hand.

Titan: 12-+ years of age Right or left hand.                  Firebird: 12+ years of age Right or left hand.



Regular Bows: All below include 2 safety glass arrows, armguard, arrow quiver, finger tab 

and sight pin    

Best deal as ones listed below come with package listed in red. You can get them at a slightly lower price for just bows but with these extras, you are better off.                     

Goblin   (ES-AYS6100) 44" 15-18 lb, draw weight. Draw length range 22'-24" $26.00  ages 4-7  

Scout. Compound Overall length 33". Peak draw  weight  8-13 lbs.  Draw length 16"-24"(#ES-AY36000).....   $24.15  Ages 4-7

Wizard. Recurve  10-18 lb draw weight. Overall length 44". Draw length  17"-24"(# ES-AYB6300)..........$22.50  Ages 5-10

51 Crusader. Recurve  10-20 lb draw weight. Length 51". Draw length 20-28" (#ES-AYS6400) ............$26.00   Ages 9+

60 Titan.  Recurve 20-29 lb draw weight . Length 60" Draw length 22-28" (#ES-AYB6500)............$39.85  Ages 12+

60 Firebird  Recurve 30-35 lb draw weight. Draw length 22_28"  ......(#ES-ABY6601)............$36.85  Ages 12+ 

All above are for  left right hand shooters

48", 54" or 62" Bullseye X Recurve bow Take down design. Multi laminate limbs, sight and flipper style arrow rest. 

stabilizer mounting holes. Three  sizes 48" 15-20 lbs draw length.... 54"   20-24lb draw  weight. 62" has 26"-29 lb draw weight

(C--ES-A5BEX48" or 54" or 62" Bullseye X  Recurve in thee sizes. Sight arrow rest, and stabilizer  mountain holes. Multi laminate libs.

 Please  specify size of bow     Right hand only. Ages 12+ $72.00

Wolverine  (ES=-ARB124OR) Recurve take down designed for adults. The riser features a sight, arrow rest, and stabilizer mounting holes.

Three sizes 40 lb, 45lb or 50lb. for right hand shooters  $11  5.00.   For left hand 45lb only. PLEASE SPECIFY ES-ARB16245L






(ES-AYS300BR) Brave Bow Set. Compound bow... 26"axel to axel. 15lb -25lb peak draw weight. Compound bow

Durable composite limbs and riser...65% let off.. Ages 8 and up RIGHT HAND ONLY.  Green,  orange or purple $62.00 (Includes whisker biscuit.)


Flash Bow Set.  (ES-AYS500)  Red or  yellow.   . 5-12  draw weight. 16-24 lb draw length. 

Red or yellow. Right or left hand. Introductory bow for ages 11+. The integrated Whisker Biscuit arrow rest and sight pin are helpful in learning how to shoot. Axel to axel 47". Peak draw  weight 5-18 lbs. Draw length 16"-24". Let  off 60%   Price: $ 51.95


Spark Bow Set: Right or left hand. Introductory bow for ages 5 to 10  Price: $38.50

32.75" Axel to Axel. Peak draw weight 5-10 lbs. Draw length 18 to 25 " 

Colors: Orange, Green or Purple

FLASH, SPARK, WARRIOR & BRAVE  INCLUDE:  2 arrows, armguard, 2 piece arrow quiver, finger tab, Whisker Biscuit arrow rest and pin sight. These bows look like the bows seen on TV shows, Hunger Games etc. Not quite the same but similar look. 

Genesis Bows also available. Contact me for information.

Arrows: Choice of sizes  26,  28  or 30"arrows. Safety glass arrows are stronger and safer than wood arrows. Unlike wood shafts, these fiberglass arrows feature high flexing qualities and will not break or bend. 

The younger the the child, the smaller the arrow.  


A gross is 144.    

 26"(ES-#A08105)  1/2 gross.  $201.00.

28"(#ES-A08108)   1/2 gross.  $201.00.

30" (ES-#A08111)    1/2 gross. $201.00.

Mixed box of 24 ea. of 26" 28" and 30" (#ES-A0-8114)  per half gross.    $207.00

The arrows above have different colored index vanes.

Wood Cedar Shaft arrows also available. Pack of 72,  27"(ES-#AWS27)... $132.00 for 1/2 gross.   


Targets: Foam targets come in 36 and 48 diameters.  They are resistant to wear, weatherproof, and impervious to insects. This is a self healing target. Each target comes with one lighter weight face cover  which is not that  good. After a few years, turn the target around to get fresh side.

36" Round Self Healing Target ....(#AW-236)   $150.00. 

48" Round Self Healing Target .....(#AW-248)   $180.00.  

These targets are reversible adding years of life to target.






36" skirted..........................(#ES- A36RD    $25.15  Heavy duty poly burlap.  
48 skirted .........................(#ES- A48RD)   $30.70  Heavy duty poly burlap.   

48" Skirted..........................(#WH-A48RD) Extra heavy $35.15 More expensive

bullseye cover is made  of double vinyl, mesh grid in the middle which is thicker and heavier

than standard  covers. Will last longer.


48"Pin On, No Skirt...........(# ES- A48SQ) Heavy duty poly burlap   $18.75     

36"Pin On, No Skirt..........(# ES- A36SQ) Heavy duty poly burlap    $17.75  


The above are 4 oz. heavy duty. The manufacturer also makes a 2oz. and these are sold by catalog 

companies and sold about the same price as the 4 oz. listed above.  I do not recommend for camp use. 

I refuse to sell them as the quality is not worth it.  

If  you see prices less than our prices, you are getting the lower quality  2oz. face.






Tri-pod ES-5005 $38.50 Not pictured 

<<<<<<<<Wheeled Archery Target Stand (#ES-A5000)  $ 62.00 THE WHEELED STAND HAS THE TARGET LOWER TO THE GROUND 

Most camps have their caretaker or wood shop person make  tri-pods to hold targets. They will be much

more substantial that the light weight  metal tri-pods


                              Replacement Dacron  Double loop braided dacron Strings- 40-42", 48",50"54",56" or 60". 

                             Min. of 6  $5.50 each. $33.00  Min. of 6 =$33.00

                             1st Shot  #ES-AYS36.................Goblin #ES-AYS45..........Flash #ES-AYRS47.......Titan #ES-AYRS56

                             Crusader #ES-AYRS51.........  Wizard #ES-AYRS44........Firebird #ES-AYRS56

                             (ES-A703) Western tabs $4.55.    Single seam gloves. Medium  #ES-A70102... Large #ES-70103   $5.25 Min. of 6

                            Ground quiver #ES-A339    $5.10  Min. of  6