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Step aerobics.


ES-1007W 4" stackable rise...$22.00.           

ES-1008W  6:" stackable  riser  $28.00.

Both of these have 12"x22" stepping surface.

 Supports 250 lbs.

Both are one piece.


ES-F1015W The Circuit step adjusts fro 4"to 6" to 8"

Supports 275 lbs. Stepping surface 11"x25". $47.00.


ES-F1010W Original health club step. Supports 300 lbs. Non slip surface. Adjusts from 4"to 6" to 8". Surface  14"x 40". $85.00.


ES-F1022W The freestyle step. 300 lb. capacity. Non slip surface. Stepping surface 14"x40". Includes platform 2 free style risers and 2 original risers. adjust from 4" to 6" to 8".  $88.00.


There are 6 other models. Call me and I will, tell you where you can see pictures and descriptions. Pick out the model you want and I will get you price.



Polyester PVC vinyl handle grip. Perfect for cardio, core strengthening. Versatile ropes provide multiple options.

(#C-RTP1530) 1.5"x30'   $69.00....... (#C-RTP15450)  1.5" x40'  $85.00  (#C-RTP1550) 1.5" x50"  106.00

(#C-RTP2030) 2"x30'  $105.00.........(#C-2040) 2"x 40' .....  $122.00     (#C-RTP2040)    2" x50"  $165.00

Each set has two ropes