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Exercise Resistance Training

Muscle Toner Loops, have cushion grips and centers, 

Xtra light,  light, medium and heavy resistance.        


(#C-AT1)- Xtra Light Resistance $5.25

(#C-AT2)- Light Resistance $5.50

(#C-AT3)-Medium Resistance $6.00

(#C-AT4)- Heavy Resistance $6.75


Exercise Resistance Tubing  

4ft long

Xtra light,  light, medium and heavy resistance.     


(#C-XT1)- Xtra Light $8.00

(#C-XT2)- Light $9.00

(#C-XT3)- Medium $9.85

(#C-XT4)- Heavy $10.25



Fitness loops for upper body toning

(#C-ELR) Level light 6.6 lbs resistance $1.50

(#C-ELO) Lt/ med 9 lbs $1.85

(#C-ELG) Med. 12 lbs $2.10


Must order 6 of each size.


Exercise Training Ropes.

Polyester, PVC handle grip, perfect for cardio, core strengthening, grip strength and overall

conditioning. versatile ropes provide multiple exercise option. 2' rope diameter.

(C-RPT1530)  1.5" x 30'  $69.90.........(C-RTP1540)  1.5" x40'  $85.00

(C-RTP1550) 1.5" x50'  $106.00

2' thickness  available same lengths as above CALL 2"x30', 2"x40' & 2" x50'