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On occasion, we get great deals from manufacturers. 

The items below are not always available as they are sold on a first come first served basis.

Quantities are limited.






for Waterfront pool  lanes, floats, tie down boats and canoes, replace tetherball rope

600' x 1/4" thick

Tensile strength 900 pounds

Same sold at Lowe's/ Home Depot at $.18 per foot.

Use to tie up boats, canoes, for lemon lines around swim areas, tetherball rope, clotheslines etc. 

ONE  $37.00. BUY TWO $33.00 BUY THREE  $30.00

High Density Foam Football


Great for lake or pool. Must buy 10. $4.25 each. Mixture of colors

Must buy 10



Same Size as ones on the left. But these are softer and squeeze easier. $5.15 Must buy 10. Assorted color patterns